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Self-Care and Additional Support

Where to find useful acromegaly information and resources

Living with acromegaly can bring on a lot of emotions, including stress and confusion, as you learn to manage the signs and symptoms and juggle doctor appointments, tests, and important decisions.

It can be easy to forget how important paying attention to yourself and your mental well-being is. If you are unsure how to best manage your mental health, there are people who can help you and places to find additional support.

Build your support team

The following individuals and groups can help you as you continue to manage the signs and symptoms of acromegaly:

  • Your family and friends
  • Caregivers
  • Your doctor and healthcare team
  • Mental health professionals
  • Acromegaly communities, or sign up for additional support with Together With Acromegaly
  • Pfizer Patient Affairs Liaisons (PALs)
  • -Pfizer PALs connect patients and caregivers affected by rare conditions. They can provide you with educational resources for awareness and management of your rare disease. Find a PAL

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Sources for acromegaly support

Acroline™ Series

Acroline™ is a series of four brochures created by Pfizer in collaboration with an international panel of people with acromegaly, acromegaly support groups, and health psychologists. This series of supportive guides and tools are designed to help keep your life on track and live well with acromegaly. Click below to access each topic:

Supporting people with acromegaly brochure

Acroline: Supporting People With Acromegaly Brochure

A guide for friends and family of patients with acromegaly to help them understand acromegaly and how to best support their loved one.

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Acromegaly and health brochure

Acroline: Acromegaly and Health

This brochure helps patients understand what acromegaly is, how it impacts their health in general, and how this knowledge can help them get the support they need.

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Looking after your well-being brochure

Acroline: Looking After Your Well-Being

This brochure provides patients with suggestions of different ways to take charge of their mind and body after being diagnosed with acromegaly.

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Self-image brochure

Acroline: Self-Image Brochure

This booklet helps patients cope with potential self-image concerns related to their acromegaly diagnosis.

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An app that provides an easy way to keep a record of your symptoms on your phone and share them when you see your healthcare provider, and also learn about a potential treatment option.

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Together With Acromegaly Facebook Page

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Learn more about Pfizer Patient Affairs Liaisons - professionals dedicated to connecting patients and caregivers with Pfizer educational information and programs.

Find support in your area

Acromegaly Info Sheets

Supporting a Diagnosis of Acromegaly info sheet

Supporting a Diagnosis of Acromegaly

Newly diagnosed? Check out this article for insights that may help.

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Rare Condition Patient Empowerment info sheet

Rare Condition Patient Empowerment

Learn about what empowerment means and how you can work to achieve it in this article.

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Emotional Wellness With Acromegaly info sheet

Emotional Wellness With Acromegaly

Caring for your emotional state can be part of life with acromegaly, this article offers tips on how to start.

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