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What to expect after a diagnosis of acromegaly

If you've been recently diagnosed with acromegaly, you likely have many complex feelings and questions. To better understand this rare disease and how to best manage it, please continue reading and join Together With Acromegaly for additional education and support.

Despite it being a rare disease, studies have shown that the prevalence of acromegaly is now about 4 times higher than previously thought.

Acromegaly by the Numbers

In the United States:

Icons of people stacked in pyramid to represent 25,000 people
Acromegaly occurs in about 25,000 people
US map with 3k on it
Approximately 3000 new cases per year
chart showning 60%
Prevalence has increased by about 60% since the 1970s
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A delayed diagnosis 5-10 years is normal

Since Symptoms may develop slowly and differently among people, acromegaly can often remain unrecognized and underdiagnosed, making it difficult to know the true frequency and number of acromegaly cases in our population. Fortunately, due to increased awareness and social media, communication and support within the acromegaly community is growing.